Upgrade your Falling Weight Deflectometer

Dynatest is proud to present project DynaWare24 after several years of development. DynaWare24 focuses on modernizing Falling Weight Deflectometers to meet current industry standards.

A response to the industry’s shift towards IoT-inspired solutions.

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Key benefits of DynaWare24

Enhancements in User Interface and Electronics:

  • Improved user interface, electronics, hardware, and software
  • Advanced GIS visualization for data collection and survey route planning
  • Cloud-based remote control, support, and data verification integration
  • Streamlined hardware design with fewer wirings for easier service and calibration
  • AI-based inspection for faster fault detection
  • Automated fault detection on geophones
  • Robust IP67 housing for cameras allowing high-quality inspection of testing surface

Geophone Improvements:

  • Embedded intelligence in geophones for automatic identification and location determination.
  • Faster assembly and disassembly of geophones with reduced wiring.
  • Optimized geophone locations for measuring thinner pavement by adding an extra geophone at 100mm from the center of the load, inside the load plate.
  • Redundant seismic sensors and fault detection for enhanced accuracy.
  • Direct interface with DynaCal calibration system for efficient calibration.
  • No need  to remember the exact geophone location – simply mount the geophones in any place after calibration.

NEW hardware features

  • Redesigned control unit for improved machine control and interfacing
  • Compatibility with any computer or tablet for operator interaction
  • 4G router enabling Cloud functionality for remote data upload and monitoring
  • Automatic software and firmware updates for continuous improvement
  • Notification configuration based on desired distance intervals between test locations
  • New and improved cameras combined with an enhanced camera interface will significantly increase the reliability of your imaging tasks.
  • Robust IP67 housing for cameras allowing high-quality inspection of testing surface

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Do not miss out on this opportunity to stay at the forefront, when it come to using your Falling Weight Deflectometers.

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