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Our team of highly trained service technicians is always ready to assist you when it comes to planning your equipment service and maintenance needs. Let us reduce your workload so you can focus on performing pavement measurements and collecting precise data. Contact us today to discuss your service and maintenance needs.

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Invest in Service and avoid equipment downtime

Your Dynatest equipment is a sophisticated piece of technology and a significant investment in your business.

Taking good care of your Dynatest equipment is essential to ensure both optimal performance and longevity of the equipment – all of which add to your return on investment.

Neglecting to service and maintain your equipment can lead to costly repairs and uncertain test data and down time.

Eliminate the risks of downtime and defects through regular service, maintenance and calibration of your Dynatest pavement testing equipment.

Service and calibration can be carried out by our team of skilled technicians at our production facilities in Denmark (Ballerup) or Florida (Gainesville) or at your own location.

Our service team will work with you to plan the correct level of service and maintenance for your operational needs and the realities of your budgets and also for your operational timetable.

Regular maintenance, calibration, and service will also contribute to an increased overall lifespan of your equipment.

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Dynatest Service options!

What is the right Service package for me? All service levels for Falling Weight Deflectometers

Service level

You can purchase service on a one off or you can benefit from a 3 year fixed price service agreement.

Bronze, Sliver and Gold all include:
Customer service & support
Inspection Report
Calibration of the load cell & geophones and other sensors (and certificates issued)
Raise Lower System Service
Hydraulic Oil & Filter Change
Control Valve Replacement
Motor Relay Replacement

Silver & Gold level also includes:
Electric Motor Service
Geophone Holder Service
Catch Service

Plus Gold level also includes:
Battery Replacement
A/B Valve Replacement
Rebuild All Hydraulic Cylinders
Load Cell Service
Nitril Sheet Replacement
Main Buffer Replacement

A tailored service option

For the rare occassion where one of our set service packages for your Falling Weight system is not quite right for your needs the team can also assist you to plan a service package that is tailored exactly to the unique condition of your equipment . This is useful for second hand equipment or where there has been a catastrophic failure or damage or where the unit may not have had a service in a long time.

For Road Service Profilers (RSP), Laser Crack Management Systems (LCMS), Multi Function Vehicle (MFV) and Friction testers contact the team today to discuss your service and maintenance needs.

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Support - An extra level of confidence

In addition to providing service and maintenance support our dedicated team of experts can also provide advice and support for other issues.

For help with resolving issues that are more related to use of systems, software and feedback on aspects of data collection – support hours is the solution for you. Being able to contact our support team directly saves you time in problem solving and trouble shooting.

Purchasing Support Hours from Dynatest isn’t just an investment in technical assistance; it’s an investment in your peace of mind.

With our team by your side, you can focus on what you do best – running your operations – while we handle the technical intricacies.

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