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We always make sure that you are properly trained to use the Dynatest equipment and software. We offer Equipment Training and Software Training Services.

Equipment and Software Training

Dynatest offers comprehensive equipment training and software training services to ensure that our customers can maximize the value of their investment. Our training programs are designed to provide operators and engineers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively operate, maintain, and analyze data using Dynatest equipment and software.

Equipment training

As part of the delivery process, Dynatest provides equipment training either at our facility or at the customer’s site.

During this training, participants will receive a thorough overview of the equipment’s operation, functions, and applications. They will also learn about routine maintenance and calibration procedures.

The training also includes the operation of optional equipment and auxiliary sensors (e.g. temperature, DMI, GPS). In-field data collection is normally performed to give the customer’s operators hands-on experience during training.

The equipment training program aims to empower operators to confidently use and calibrate the Dynatest equipment, efficiently collect data, and verify its accuracy.

Software training

Dynatest offers software training in e.g. ELMOD in a classroom setting, which can be conducted either at our facility or at the customer’s site. For shorter software training courses, such as LWDmod, online training options are available.

During the software training sessions, participants will gain a deep understanding of relevant pavement engineering principles. They will receive a comprehensive overview of the software’s features and functions, as well as learn post-processing techniques and data analysis using real-life data.

The software training program equips operators and engineers with the skills to interpret data, perform post-processing tasks, and utilize the range of analysis tools offered by Dynatest software.

By availing our equipment training and software training services, customers can ensure that their personnel are proficient in using Dynatest equipment and software, leading to improved operational efficiency, accurate data analysis, and informed decision-making.

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