Our know-how has allowed us to bring reliable pavement evaluation solutions to clients all over the world.

Pioneering the industry

Innovation has been a driving force since Dynatest was founded in 1976. Innovation is still as important in our business today as it was decades ago. In a world that is constantly changing, it is essential to keep on growing as well. Be curious and never rest.

The technology behind

We have always been exploring new technologies, methods, and combinations of these within the pavement industry.

Pavement engineers worldwide should have the best tools available to understand and model pavements. To do this correctly, an engineer must understand how the pavement deteriorates both on the surface (functionally) and beneath the surface (structurally). Dynatest has developed a range of equipment to measure both structural and functional aspects of the pavement systems.

The equipment is designed to provide standardized data of the highest accuracy and repeatability making the output ideal for both project and network-level assessment.

Skilled and passionate employees are key

Our highly skilled employees are the core of Dynatest. We pride ourselves on our unique combination of in-house analytical expertise and practical, in-the-field capabilities that enable us to successfully perform many different types of projects and provide practical solutions for a wide array of clients.

Customer case studies

We have gathered some of our clients' success stories from around the world. Find out how they have used Dynatest equipment to their advantage.

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