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DynaHub is a software application platform that unifies the Dynatest user experience and allows users to install, update, manage, and launch Dynatest software applications.

DynaHub will revolutionize the way you manage software!

The DynaHub will also keep track of the acquired licenses, in this way, you are certain to always have the newest version accessible to your Dynatest equipment.

DynaHub is designed to revolutionize how you manage Dynatest software.

With DynaHub at hand, you will have a user-friendly interface and easy access and overview of all your software.
Now you can easily see and manage all your software licenses.

DynaHub allows you to install, update, manage, and launch software applications.

The DynaHub software platform will also notify you if there are any new updates or new releases of software.

At first, DynaHub will only work with the LWD and LWD Connect.

With LWD Connect it is possible to remote control the LWD App directly to a PC enabling downloads of projects.

You can get more information in the LWD user manual (LWD Connect 6.5 Remote Control page 31).

In the future, all Dynatest software will be present on the DynaHub platform.

DynaHub is supported by the Windows 10 October 2018 Update and newer versions of Windows including Windows 11.

Start installing DynaHub

Video guide - How to use DynaHub!

Please see the video guide on how to use and install DynaHub.

You can also find a very informative and easy-to-follow DynaHub user manual.

DynaHub user manual


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