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If you are a student or working on your bachelor or master program we would love to help you with your studies and future career.

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Dynatest believes in the power of innovation, know-how, design and development therefore we have always prioritized to collaborate with students.

Dynatest cooperate with students and Universities all over the world because we think that students bring a unique perspective to the table.

Read about our collaboration with National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).   

We are always on the lookout for talented and motivated students to join our Dynatest team.

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Working on his master thesis on pavement crack detection!

Student Jonathan Bøss is currently working on his master’s thesis on pavement crack detection together with Dynatest.

“At Dynatest, students like myself, get the opportunity to test the new methods that we bring from the university,” says Jonathan Bøss.

Watch Jonathan explain more in the video below (in Danish).

After Jonathan finishes his master’s degree in advanced robotics at the University of Southern Denmark in June 2023. He will start as an R&D Engineer in the R&D Department at Dynatest. Here Jonathan will focus on our camera and laser sensing products on the MFV and RSP, etc.) contributing to our Perception & AI strategy.

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