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Trust us to support you no matter what your issue is. We ensure to return to you within two working days.

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Being a market leader in the field of pavement assessment commits. In Dynatest, we therefore focus on having the best customer support in the market. This means that our after sales service needs to work in a very effective manner.

Each time you send a request to us, it creates a ticket in our support department, where we have highly skilled engineers dedicated to help you. We ask you to fill in a form, just so that we can have all required details both to contact you again, but also all needed details about your case. We will ensure to contact you if we need further information.


For urgent requests call us on +45 70 25 33 35 (from 7am – 3 pm) or +1 352 213 4497 – fee may apply for extra quick support.

Talk to an expert

As all our support employees have many years of experience, they will often be able to reply to your request directly and send you further on your journey. In very specific cases, they might need some advice from a colleague – maybe in one of our other locations, but that will all take place without disturbing you. Our promise to you is that you will have a reply on your case within two working days.
If your case takes longer time due to complexity, we will ensure to keep you informed on every milestone.

As we like to become even better, and because innovation is in our heart of everything we do, we will send you a short questionnaire after your case has been finalized. We would very much appreciate your feedback on our performance.