Calibration of pavement test equipment

Dynatest offers calibration services for all Dynatest equipment - both in Dynatest calibration centers and at customer facilities. Our qualified service personnel is available to support and provide equipment service and calibration onsite at the customer's premises.

Importance of Equipment Calibration

Why is Equipment Calibration Crucial?

Calibration of our Dynatest equipment is important to ensure that the equipment is providing accurate and reliable data measurements.

We recommend a yearly calibration as a minimum. In fact our Dynatest equipment can advantageously be calibrated before use.

Correct measurements are critical for evaluating the condition of the pavement, identifying potential defects or hazards, and developing appropriate maintenance and rehabilitation strategies.

If the pavement testing equipment is not properly calibrated, the measurement data, the equipment provides may be inaccurate, leading to incorrect assessments of pavement conditions.

Inaccurate measurements can also lead to unnecessary costs and delays in pavement construction and projects.

If we discover that there are any discrepancies, adjustments are made to the equipment to correct any errors.

Falling Weight Deflectometers

Customers with our Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWD) and Heavy Weight Deflectometers (HWD) typically perform calibrations of the geophones at regular intervals.

Factory reference calibrations of the FWD, HWD, and LWD can be performed on the geophones, load cell, and temperature sensors, at our workshop facilities in Gainesville, Florida, or Ballerup, Denmark.

On-site calibration services can also be performed with our portable calibration equipment.

We recommend a yearly calibration as the gold standard. Talk to the team today to learn more!

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An essential task in pavement testing equipment is done by profilometers and includes a sensor that measures the pavement’s surface elevation at regular intervals. These sensors must be calibrated on a regular basis to ensure that they provide accurate measurements.

If the profiler’s readings do not match, adjustments can be made to the equipment to correct the measurement error. 

In addition to calibrating the sensors, it is also important to verify the accuracy of the data collection process. This involves ensuring that the equipment is correctly configured, and the data collection software is functioning correctly.

Dynatest profile measuring equipment includes static calibration equipment so the user can perform calibration at regular intervals.

Friction Testers

Dynatest friction testers have built-in electronic calibration facilities for daily operation.

Calibration equipment is also available for our friction testing equipment. Owners may have their annual equipment calibration done either at their home location or at a Dynatest service location.

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Contact us about calibration

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