Who we are

Dynatest isn't just another company in the pavement industry.

We are the ultimate partner when it comes to pavement evaluation solutions. Our high-quality pavement testing equipment and software sets the standard for the entire industry.

We are problem-solvers!

One of the mysteries of pavement on roads, airports, and ports is that you never know what lies beneath the surface and when the pavement could fail.

Understanding the condition of the pavement through accurate and valid test data enables engineers all over the world to understand and plan the maintenance and production of pavement.

However, we are more than just technical experts in pavement testing. Utilizing our state-of-the-art pavement testing equipment, reliable software, and extensive knowledge, we create optimal solutions that fulfill our clients’ needs every time.

Our goal is that every road, port, and airport authority will have access to our advanced testing equipment and technology.

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Enabling a world that works

At Dynatest, we’re driven by a passion for technology and pavement engineering. Our team consists of highly skilled engineers and technicians which is why we design and innovate every aspect of pavement testing equipment.

And we don’t just operate in one corner of the world – we are truly global.

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Innovation and development are driving forces at Dynatest. Our R&D department believes that innovation is the key to unlocking new possibilities.

To succeed we have the most talented and skilled employees onboard and we cooperate with students and universities all over the world.

You can find and download our Dynatest Software developed by R&D, which gives you plenty of possibilities to operate and get accurate data from our equipment.

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Thanks to our partnership with dedicated agents, we have a presence in every region.

From our headquarters in Ballerup, Denmark, to our division in Gainesville, Florida, USA, we’re always ready to bring our expertise to new clients and projects.

At Dynatest, we are committed to building relationships that last.

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We have over 45 years of expertise in pavement engineering. Know-how is the foundation of our solutions and the key to optimizing pavement maintenance and pavement management.

At Dynatest we want to make a difference and create a safer journey for you and for generations to come.

Our proven track record and countless customer cases all over the world speak for themselves. When it comes to high-quality pavement testing equipment, software, innovation, and valid data put your faith in Dynatest at any time.

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A part of something bigger!

Eltronic Group acquired Dynatest in 2019.

Eltronic Group is a Danish-owned global technology group operating within renewable energy, power-to-x, x-to-power, life sciences, infrastructure, and sustainable manufacturing.
The headquarters is in Hedensted, Denmark.

Today Eltronic Group employs more than 1.300 dedicated people across eight companies at 16 offices in 10 countries.

We at Dynatest are proud of being a part of the Eltronic Group.

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