Who we are

We are committed to providing the best pavement testing equipment and support while continually advancing state-of-the-art pavement non-destructive testing technology.

The pavement industry's global partner

Dynatest is the pavement industry’s global partner on pavement evaluation solutions. We develop, manufacture, and service equipment and software that defines the industry standard. With more than 40 years of experience, we deliver seamless 360° solutions based on innovative, market-leading expertise.

Our clients can expect us to be flexible and agile in the market to solve their challenges. Every client and every project is unique. With our combined trio of services consisting of high-quality equipment, reliable software, and expert knowledge, we are able to create the best possible solution every time.

Knowledge is the very backbone of Dynatest and our know-how is one of our biggest assets. We are passionate about technology and pavement engineering and our employees are some of the most respected and trusted engineers and technicians in the business.

In collaboration with our highly skilled distributors, we operate in every corner of the world from our offices and production facilities in Ballerup, Denmark, and Gainesville, Florida, USA.

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Enabling a world that works

We have been in the industry for over 40 years. Dynatest equipment is operating in over 70 countries. We are proud to be a market leader in the field of pavement evaluation.

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Our values

Our values are the core of our organization. They define how we do business and interact with our clients, partners, suppliers, and colleagues. Our three core values are innovation, partnership, and expertise. As we expand into new markets and face new challenges, these values are guiding us every step of our way.


Innovation is a driving force for Dynatest. We raise standards that push the pavement engineering industry forward. Through thorough R&D we provide world-class equipment, software, and service for our clients. Our pavement engineering equipment is currently in action across the globe – creating safer, more cost-effective, and efficient pavement infrastructure.


We are trusted advisors to our clients. Our client service managers are the voice of the client within Dynatest and stay close to them throughout the process of specifying equipment, consulting, and delivering after-sales services. Through our consultancy, clients can be sure they are making the best possible technical and economic decisions.

This level of client focus is what makes our partnerships strong – clients invest in us and in return we are committed to investing in them.

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We have years of expertise in pavement engineering. Know-how is the foundation of our solutions and the key to optimizing pavement maintenance and pavement management. We must believe in our recommendations, so we go the extra mile to ensure solid data on behalf of our clients.

Our proven track record and countless cases ensure we are in command of your solution. When it comes to critical decisions, some of the biggest players in engineering put their faith in Dynatest.

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