Become an agent

Throughout the years, Dynatest has maintained and grown its agents and distributors network. To address the high demand for our equipment and software worldwide, we are constantly looking to expand our support network to allow every road, port, and airport authority to have access to our technology.

Benefits of being a Dynatest agent

Organizations around the globe partner with Dynatest to manage and maintain their pavements. When you become the Dynatest partner, you can improve your technology and increase sales with state-of-the-art pavement evaluation equipment.

Our current agents and distributors benefit greatly from cooperating with us. Dynatest has a strong brand, which is well recognized around the world. We provide training for agents and distributors that ensure the highest level of service.

Our agents and distributors are carefully selected based on their experience and expertise in dealing with the pavement industry in their local areas.

Mogens Cramer, CCO, Dynatest

The key to success

As an agent, you are the crucial link between the clients and the Dynatest solutions. If you are determined and wish to develop your own business, you might have what we are looking for.

To become an appointed agent, we expect you to have customer insights, a relevant network, and a business plan to show us. Are you up for the task? Reach out to us – and let us talk.

Desired qualifications of a new agent

– Commercial for-profit organization with valid physical addresses for their business operations.

– Must have credit and liquidity necessary to operate as our representative in their local market.

– Have experience and an understanding of the pavement market.

– Proactive sales and marketing team. Website. Know how to position Dynatest’s products versus competitive offerings in their local market.

– Service department with highly qualified service technicians.

– Ability to quickly become technically proficient with Dynatest offerings. ​

– Network of the road and airport authorities, consultants, and other potential organizations interested in the pavement evaluation equipment.

It will also be a benefit if you have specific knowledge of road surveying equipment such as Falling Weight Deflectometer, Road Surface Profilometers, Friction Testers, visual surveys system, etc., and sufficient coverage throughout the country/region.

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