Light Weight Deflectometer App (LWD App)

Get your LWD data everywhere at any time!

The LWD Lite App gives a clear overview of the collected measurements and makes it a simple process to quickly collect new drops. The LWD App is free of charge

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The LWD App Lite 3032 is a data collection App for the Dynatest Light Weight Deflectometer 3032

The LWD Lite mobile App organizes collected data into projects, which separate data into different database files.

The LWD Lite App only works on one project at a time.
Each project has several data collection sessions, which organize the locations where measurements are taken.

Each session has location definitions associated with GPS and metadata.

Images can also be attached to locations and each location can have multiple drop measurements, which store both calculated and raw data.

Download your LWD App - free of charge!

The LWD Lite App is available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

The latest version is live in App Store and Google Play.
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Using the LWD Lite App is very simple.

Instructions – how to use the LWD App

View and manage your test data at any point

What can you do in the LWD App

  • Create hierarchal databases for data collection (Project, Session, and Location)
  • Input data collection attributes, assumptions & comments
  • Ability to collect real-time GPS location
  • Ability to capture and tag photo images on each test location
  • Offline data acquisition
  • Instant surface modulus results, figures, and summary tables, on Location, Session, and Project level
  • Data export and sharing for post-processing with LWDMod or a similar program
  • The database file from your LWD Lite App can be shared via email or exported directly to the phone’s memory.

LWD Connect - Remote control

With LWD Connect it is possible to remote control the LWD App directly to a PC enabling downloads of projects.

This will require the PC Software LWD Connect.
The Phone and the PC must be on the same wireless network and the App must be on Main Screen.

You can get more information in the LWD user manual
(LWD Connect 6.5 Remote Control page 31).

The LWD Connect can also be found under the software platform DynaHub.


LWDmod Software

The Dynatest software package LWDmod offers advanced features for data organization, analysis, and reporting.

Experience first-hand why LWDmod is the ideal software tool for pavement analysis.

Information on LWDMod

LWD Pro - license

An LWD App Pro license gives you access to statistics on location, session, and project level, and compaction calculations on every drop.

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