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ELMOD - Evaluation of Layer Moduli and Overlay Design

ELMOD Software is the most advanced pavement analysis Software program on the market today. Processing data from our Dynatest equipment.

Revolutionize Your Pavement Management with ELMOD

Dynatest’s passion for pavement analysis has led to the development of ELMOD, the most advanced pavement analysis program on the market today. ELMOD is used for the structural assessment of various pavement structures.

The latest version, ELMOD 6, can drastically aid pavement engineers in designing pavements by performing complex analyses of data from falling weight deflectometer devices and specified pavement structures.

The ELMOD software calculates the structural strength based on mechanistic-empirical principles and determines the pavements’ remaining useful life, required strengthening, or required pavement overlay thickness.

ELMOD enables the users to define user-controlled transfer functions to each material and apply seasonal adjustments for variations in subgrade modulus due to environmental conditions, such as rainy seasons.

Utilizing the latest research provided by the Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) and based on years of worldwide consultancy experience ELMOD is unparalleled at modeling pavement performance.

ELMOD is practical, fast, and easy to use.

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Data analysis

The Dynatest Pavement evaluation software Elmod analyzes the pavement response from the FWD and HWD by determining the modulus, stress, and strain of each significant layer. It reports the layer of failure and residual life by utilizing the LCCA module which allows the user to select the optimum rehabilitation alternatives.

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Key benefits of ELMOD

  • Rapid analysis
  • Can be used to determine the optimum rehabilitation alternatives
  • Can consider new innovative materials, that may be better suited to local environmental conditions
  • Determines the effects of overloading, allowing additional rehabilitation costs to be determined
  • Utilizes mechanistic-empirical analysis techniques that work over a wide variety of pavements types, loading, and local environmental conditions
  • Parameter files can be easily set up with local material, vehicle loading, and rehabilitation option
  • Determines moduli, stresses, and strains for up to 5 layers
  • Integrated into the ELMOD core program, FEM/LET/MET gains the advantages of Finite Element Method, Linear Elastic Theory, and Method of Equivalent Thickness Theory by seeding one value into the next, providing a very accurate analysis
  • The LCCA module allows the user to compare multiple rehabilitation scenarios over a 20-25-year period. Pavement modeling is based on roughness, friction, pavement distress, as well as the structural analysis
  • The PCN module is used to rate the strength of airport pavements based on results from the ELMOD back-calculation procedure. The methods are in accordance with current ICAO and FAA guidelines.

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