Light Weight Deflectometer

The Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) is a portable device used in the field to measure the deformation characteristics of soil and other types of granular materials. It is designed to provide a quick and non-destructive method for determining the load-bearing capacity of soil and assessing its stiffness.

Light Weight Deflectometer

The Dynatest Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) is a portable version of the Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD). The LWD uses a load cell and geophones with the same accuracy as the Falling Weight Deflectometer. The LWD can be used to test thin asphaltic pavements, recycled materials bound with foamed bitumen and directly test the unbound subbase and subgrade. The output from the LWD can be used to calculate the strength of multiple pavement layers.

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The Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) meets the ASTM 2583, the IAN73 (UK) standard, the Danish standard, and the Italian standard for determining the modulus and compaction of the material. With this high quality LWD it is easy to do measurement in even the most rural places.

The LWD App gives a clear overview of the collected measurements and makes it a simple process to quickly collect new drops. The LWD App provides export options, including export of dataset to the applied device, iCloud, or sharing through email.

Key benefits

  • One person operation
  • Rapid test allows close test point spacing ensuring homogeneity of the test section
  • Modulus output at time of test
  • The LWD App gives a clear overview of the collected measurements
  • Assessment of both the compaction and stiffness of material with the same unit
  • Quality control of the subbase layers and subgrade before an overlay is applied
  • Testing of trench restorations to reduce the chance of settlement over time

Get a closer look

Watch this movie to see the smart features of the Dynatest LWD

Get to know more about the Dynatest LWD and how it works. Watch the movie.

LWD Smart Features

Watch the movie to learn more about the LWD test method

Get to know more about the LWD and how it works. Watch the movie.

Comprehensive accessory program

  • Transportation Trolley, for ease of transportation on site
  • Geophone Kit, Sensor Beam incl. 2 additional geophones
  • Transportation box for Geophone Kit
  • Additional 200mm Loading Plate
  • Extra 5kg weights and required buffer plates (Possibility to add 2 additional 5kg weights)

Unpacking your new Dynatest Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD)

How to unpack your LWD

The Dynatest LWD is high-quality, but becomes truly powerful with the software pack.

The LWD App light software pack comes free of charge and gives you great data collection opportunities, with market leading functionalities via an app for both iOS/Android. The Pro version adds calculations, statistics and analysis options beyond your imagination.

Structured approach – free of charge

  • Create hierarchal databases for data collection (Project, Session, and Location).
  • Input data collection attributes, assumptions & comments
  • Ability to collect real time GPS location
  • Ability to capture and tag photo images on each test location
  • Offline data acquisition
  • Instant surface modulus results, figures, and summary tables, on Location, Session, and Project level
  • Data export and sharing for post-processing with LWDMod or similar program
  • The database file from your LWD App can be shared via email or exported directly to the phone’s memory.

Enhanced functionalities in the LWD Pro App

  • Compaction Quality Control and Statistics module providing different compaction criteria to determine percentage compaction according to MNDOT, INDOT, TPF 5-285, Italian ANAS and UK specifications.
  • Statistics on location, sessions and project level, including the possibility to customize to show the statistical value required

LWDMod software provides an ideal analysis package

LWDMod Lite version:
• lmport and edit LWD data for removal of outliers
• Export test results to Excel or Word for further analysis
• Export to UK requirements
• Possibility to export: point number, location, drop number, time, plate size, load, stress, geophone(s) distance(s), geophone(s) deflection(s), surface deflection moduli, deflection offset, loss of energy, air temperature, surface temperature, material temperature, GPS/notes, time histories, CBR soil, compaction results (shown & calculated in Dynatest LWD 3032 Pro App)

LWDMod, licensed version, will give you enhanced calculations and analysis:
• One license required per PC
• Data Visualization—including figures and summary tables
• Calculation and Analysis including: back-calculation of layer moduli, overlay design thickness calculations, depth to bedrock, subgrade no-linearity, and estimation of the layer thickness

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