Meet our employees

Our employees are the ones who ensure our company's lasting success. Below you can meet some of them. Learn about their unique skills, experiences, and perspectives about working for Dynatest.

Claus Hesselbjerg Mosholt, Technician, Dynatest

My primary tasks include production of our equipment such as FWD, HWD, RSP, and LWD. Also, I work with calibration of geophones and load cells. I have been with Dynatest since 2005. I have a background as an operator and afterward, I studied to become a machine technician.

I think of Dynatest as a working place that shows great confidence in its employees. The atmosphere is casual, and in general, each employee is very independent, and we always manage to get the job done. I work at Dynatest because the job is interesting. But what is just as important to me is, that it is always nice to go to work. We all know each other, and I think that gives you a sense of belonging and makes you feel more responsible. It motivates me that I am a part of providing our clients around the world with quality products again and again. I appreciate the diversity in my job. We are always striving to optimize the production.

My coworkers are essential to me. It means a lot that when I go to work, I know that I am always met by people, that I know and like. After all, we each spend about a third of our lives at work. Also, I believe that it can greatly impact our productivity when the chemistry is right.

Randy Milton, Sales Director, Dynatest

As the sales director at Dynatest US, my primary focus is on business development and sales for the full suite of products offered by Dynatest. This includes service and part sales. I am also a direct contact for customer service in that clients contact me when there are issues. Many times, I help directly when possible.

I started Dynatest as a production technician.  After doing this for several years, I was promoted to production manager. During this time, I received my bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Florida. In 2014, I transferred to the sales department as a salesperson.  In 2017, I was promoted to sales manager. Prior to Dynatest, I served as a quality control technician at a factory that built automobile seats for the big three automakers in the United States.

I have been with the Dynatest companies since 1999, and I would describe Dynatest as a place that has rewarded my hard work. They have expected that I give 100% to our clients but have also taken care of me for that effort.

I choose to be a part of Dynatest because of the relationships I have built both internally and externally. I am motivated by satisfied clients who confirm why we are better than our competitors by buying from us again and again. I am motivated to help my coworkers because I watch the diligent effort, they put in.

What I like most about my job is solving a problem for the client and then hearing their appreciation for that help. Also, my coworkers mean everything to me. Several of us have been through the toughest of times and the best of times together. We are truly like family and I have made lifelong friends with many of them.

Jacob McDonald, Operations Manager US, Dynatest

As the Operations Manager, my focus is new production and service. I joined the Dynatest team at the age of 16 as a part-time employee while in high school and have become a “lifelong employee”. Early on, I found that I enjoyed working with my hands and learning everything I could about the equipment we offered. What motivates is our daily accomplishments. Whether it is meeting a delivery date or solving a customer’s problem over the phone – that’s what I find motivating.

Dynatest is a place that does not become tedious and is a continuous learning experience. The work environment, coworkers, and interaction with customers are what make Dynatest great. My coworkers and I are always willing to lend a hand and do what it takes to get the job done. Coworkers and even customers become lifelong friends.


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