New Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) for Sale

The Light Weight Deflectometer (LWD) is a portable device used in the field to measure the deformation soil and other types of granular materials.

5 Key Benefits of the Dynatest Light Weight Deflectometer:

With its lightweight and compact design the LWD is incredibly easy to handle and set up everywhere. The LWD can be operated by a single person.

With the LWD, surface testing can be conducted swiftly and efficiently. You can perform on-site testing without the need for extensive manpower or complex equipment.

By eliminating the need for complex and large-scale equipment and labor-intensive measurements the LWD significantly reduces testing costs, making it a budget-friendly solution for any pavement project.

Data Accuracy:
The LWD provides precise measurements of the surface’s deflection response, enabling engineers to make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, and improvements. By calibrating the LWD regularly you ensure reliable data.

Safety Enhancement:
By evaluating load-bearing capacity, the LWD helps identify potential risks and ensures the safety of vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

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