Roads and highways are linking the world on the ground. They are vital to us in many ways.

Highway, road, and transportation infrastructure

Infrastructure is crucial in the world we live in. Road transport performs a large range of services – moving people and goods, over both short and long distances and in urban and rural areas. Miles and miles of roads are combining countries, cities, and villages. Almost every journey for people or goods involves some element of road transport.

It is in the road industry our journey began to take off. Today, a large number of our clients are country, state, regional or local road authorities.

Towards more sustainable roads

Well-maintained road pavements will lead to the best performance of vehicles regarding CO2 emissions. Our aim is to ensure better roads worldwide. And one key way in which we go about realizing this vision is through high-quality pavement evaluation.  

Case: Evaluating the vital East-West Highway is the first step in improving Nepal’s strategic road network

The arterial highway is to receive a major upgrade in the coming years. Dynatest technology was used to evaluate the first section of the highway.

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