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Promanvial - Airport Corporation Cuenca CORPAC

Implementation of Airport Pavement Management System

In collaboration with the company Promanvial, Dynatest developed the implementation of APMS (“Airport Pavement Management System”) project for the Mariscal La Mar International Airport in the city of Cuenca Ecuador, and the performance pavement evaluation for planning and programming of maintenance and rehabilitation activities over a period of 20 years, assessing the effectiveness and costs related to these activities.

The objective was to provide the airport manager with a detailed outline of the structural and functional capacity (current and future) of the pavements of the flight infrastructure and to predict the maintenance and rehabilitation activities for a period of evaluation that allows the programming of the necessary investments for its conservation.
Thanks to the work done, CORPAC as a public entity can plan its investments and have a technical study to make the right decisions.

Pavement for heavy loads

Airports are some of the busiest hotspots in the world. More than four billion passengers go through airports every year. These airports serve business travelers, tourism, and cargo operations that are vital to our daily life. Airport pavements are similar to road pavements, but there are other demands and differences to consider.

Dynatest provides the right tools for airfield pavement evaluation.

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