Airport pavement testing

At Dynatest we provide airfield testing equipment.
Our test equipment is used for commercial, general aviation, and military airports all over the world.
Our advanced runway pavement testing equipment generates accurate data that enables airports to predict how future development in air traffic can impact the pavement.

Safe landing place

Airports are some of the busiest hotspots in the world. More than four billion passengers go through airports every year. These airports serve business travelers, tourism, military, and cargo operations that are vital to our daily life.

With many landings and take-offs every day, all year round, it is crucial to ensure a safe place for aircraft to land. Evaluating airfields for aircraft with nondestructive testing techniques will generate accurate data for maintenance.

Dynatest provides quality testing equipment developed over 40 years to complete these important assessments.

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Airport pavement testing equipment

At Dynatest we provide a wide range of testing equipment that can be used by engineers to study and examine the quality of the pavement on runways.

Our testing equipment provides vital data that enables engineers worldwide to analyze how and why pavement deteriorates both on the surface (functionally) and beneath the surface (structurally).

Let us provide all the right testing tools for airfield pavement evaluation.

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Heavy Weight Deflectometer

Dynatest developed the first commercially available Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD).

The HWD is highly versatile and can measure and test extra thick and stiff pavement structures on roads and airports.

The HWD can easily simulate and measure large aircraft’s load levels and responses, such as the Boeing 747/777 and the Airbus A380.
Unlike other testing methods that can damage the runway, the HWD is non-destructive testing equipment.

With our HWD you can accurately measure the pavement condition and detects any underlying failures without leaving any trace.

The technical advantages of the HWD

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