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Dynatest announces strategic cooperation with Australian company Hylec Controls

At Dynatest we are thrilled to announce our strategic cooperation with the Australian company Hylec Controls.

Hylec Controls is a prominent provider of specialized high-tech testing equipment and services for a wide range of industries including building materials, packaging, civil engineering, mining, aerospace automotive among others. This partnership aims to strengthen Dynatest’s market presence in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region. Dynatest will also benefit from Hylec Controls’ extensive network and expertise in testing equipment and solutions.

The collaboration between Dynatest and Hylec Controls brings together two industry leaders.

Dynatest’s comprehensive portfolio of pavement test equipment, software and services, including pavement and infrastructure evaluation, will now be available to customers in Australia through Hylec Controls’ extensive network.

By combining Dynatest’s state-of-the-art technologies with Hylec Controls’ local market knowledge, customers in Australia will have access to a broader range of innovative solutions for their testing and measurement needs, when it comes to testing pavement on roads, highways, airport runways and ports.

Partnering with Hylec Controls represents an exciting milestone for Dynatest. Australia is a key market for us, and this collaboration will enable us to better serve our customers in the region,” said Leanne Way, Sales Manager of Dynatest.

“Hylec Controls’ reputation for excellence and their long-time experience aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing high-tech solutions and exceptional customer service. Together, we can deliver pavement testing equipment that can improve the whole infrastructure in Australia.”

By incorporating Dynatest’s pavement test equipment into Hylec Controls portfolio, Hylac Controls can strengthen their position as a leading provider of specialized testing solutions in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

The strategic cooperation between Dynatest and Hylec Controls is set to commence immediately, with plans for joint marketing initiatives, technical training programs, and the establishment of dedicated support channels.

Both companies are confident that this collaboration will create long-term value for customers across Australia.

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