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HMV Consultoría - IDU

Evaluation of rural road network Bogotá

The Urban Development Institute (IDU) of Bogotá developed this project to carry out the survey, processing, and analysis of information on the superficial, functional, and structural condition of the pavements that make up the rural road network of the city of Bogotá DC and the inventory of the complementary elements that make up the cross-section of these roads.

The company that executed the project hired Dynatest the services of measurements, processing, and analysis of deflections (FWD), determination of thickness of pavement structures, taken with geo radar (GPR), functional evaluation according to the data of roughness with laser profilometer (RSP), surface evaluation of the pavement from the survey of faults with the multifunctional vehicle (MFV) and the georeferenced inventory of the elements that make up the road.

Approximately 900 km of rural roads were evaluated, which allowed the Institute to have the inventory of its road network with all the results georeferenced and aligned to the software of the Entity. An essential tool to define future investment projects.

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