Heavy Vehicle Simulator

Heavy Vehicle Simulator

The Heavy Vehicle Simulator (HVS) is an accelerated, full-scale loading facility that accelerates pavement failure by simulating many years of traffic loading in a few months. This allows an agency to quickly evaluate new materials, pavement designs, and construction techniques. The output from the HVS can be used to develop and improve material modeling, allowing for improvements in design and maintenance strategies. The HVS is a proven technology, in constant development over the last 35 years. With over 18 units worldwide, a large and scientifically valuable knowledge base developed by the HVS users is shared with other HVS users through the HVS International Alliance (HVSIA) . Additionally, CSIR South Africa contains a significant database along with expertise, which it provides in association with Dynatest consulting services.

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Key engineering benefits

  • The HVS is a mobile device, enabling it to test at different locations, testing real sites at full scale

  • Testing on construction site allows testing of local conditions and subgrade material

  • Extendable beam option gives larger testing area and higher test speeds

  • 10,000 passes unidirectional and 20,000 passes bi-directional per 24 hours

  • Automatic/programmable wander over a width of 0.9m (35.4 inches)

  • Testing speed up to 12.8 km/h (8mph)

  • The HVS Mark VI is capable of applying wheel loads to 200 kN (45 kips)

  • The larger HVS Mark VI-A is capable of simulating aircraft wheel loads of up to 440 kN (100 kips)

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