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Where can I find the manuals for my Dynatest Equipment?

All our manuals can be downloaded from our Download Center here: Help Center (dynatest.com)

Can you please share a link for the latest software?

Our latest software can be found here:Software – Help Center (dynatest.com)

Are there any service interval requirements and/or calibration requirements for the RSPs Lasers, Accelerometer, DMI and EPU?

The RSP is delivered with the necessary hardware and software for periodic calibration of the different components, so it is something you can do. The interval depends on how much you use your equipment and your way of operating it, but we normally recommend to go through the different calibrations at least once a year. When you have an important job and you have not used the RSP in a while it can be a good practice to calibrate just before, and that probably will give you a bit of “peace of mind” for good operator practice. See chapter 9 in the RSP manual for the steps to follow for calibration.

I like to test your Elmod software, is this possible?

Yes, we offer a 5-days free trial of the ELMOD software, the request form is found here: Dynatest – ELMOD

When we had our CP-15 rebuilt and laptop updated to the latest version of DDC (from DCC) it seems the mdb file formatting was impacted such that the columns got rearranged. Is there a way to reconfigure this in the DDC settings?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reconfigure the column order in the mdb files in the settings of DDC. But Elmod6, the Dynatest post processing software for FWD, is able to read the data without problems and we strongly recommend using this for post analysis.

Does Dynatest still support Dynatest Collection Center (DCC)?

Dynatest does not support any longer DCC and it has not done since 2015, therefore any software issues our customers experience with DCC will require them to update their software to Dynatest Data Collection (DDC), at a cost.

How can I update Dynatest Collection Center (DCC) to Dynatest Data Collection (DDC)?

If your Dynatest Electronics (CP15, DPU or EPU) firmware has not been upgraded in very long time, you will need a Windows7 or similar computer to perform the installation with success. The problem with Windows10 is that it does not allow the first communication between DDC and the Dynatest Electronics required to upgrade the firmware. So please, use a Windows7 or XP computer to install for the first time the new version of DDC. Once that first communication has taken place, you will be able to use a Windows10 computer. You will need to install the Prerequisites and then DDC in the computer before starting the communication with your Dynatest equipment.

If a Windows7 or similar is not available, you will need to purchase from Dynatest a flash card with the right firmware and you will need to open your electronics and insert it. You are also of course welcome to send your electronics to us and we would take care of the installation.

How do I transfer my Elmod6 license to another computer?

Even though the Elmod6 license is per computer, we allow you to transfer it to a new computer trusting that you no longer will use the old one. The only thing you will need to do is to install Elmod6 in the new computer and follow the steps in the software (Help->Registration) to request a new license. In that e-mail you will need to specify your old license and let us know the reason why you need to transfer it to a new computer.




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