Case study

Consortium Structuring 2107 – National Infrastructure Agency

Pavement Evaluation road: Ruta del Sol Sector 2 Colombia

In 2018, Dynatest carried out the pavement evaluation for the integral structuring project for the continuation of the Ruta del Sol road concession – Sector 2 Puerto Salgar – San Roque in Colombia with approximately 589 km that was awarded in 2010, but in the year 2017 with an advance above 50% was liquidated without the double lane expansion works being completed and leaving this sector without maintenance for a year.

The National Infrastructure Agency contracts the Consortium Structuring 2107 to carry out an analysis of the current condition of the road infrastructure in service.

The Consortium Structuring 2017 contracts with Dynatest the Functional and Structural Evaluation of the pavement and the definition of a pavement management system to define the maintenance and/or rehabilitation projections for different budgetary and technical scenarios and finally the structural design of the sectors to be rehabilitated. With the results obtained, the viability of new road concessions for this road section was defined.

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