Case – Goodbye to Potholes and Hello to safer roads in Pakistan!

About NHA
The National Highway Authority (NHA) cooperation and relationship with Dynatest goes back almost 10 years.

The NHA is responsible for building and maintaining highways and motorways in Pakistan.

The objective of NHA is to plan, promote and organize programs for the construction, development, operation, repairs & maintenance of National Highways, Motorways & Strategic Roads in Pakistan.

Pavement Measurement Initiative as Part of the Annual Maintenance Plan
NHA maintains more than 14,000 kilometers (8,700 mi) of roadways organized into various classifications which crisscross the country and provide access to major population centers.

Road Maintenance Strategies are devised every year in an Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP). For the preparation of AMP, road condition surveys of different types are carried out for which multiple equipment/instruments are required for non-destructive analysis of existing carriageway to evaluate the residual strength & functionality to propose maintenance strategies accordingly.

These surveys are carried out manually/visually for measuring and identifying crack patterns, crack width and crack depth etc. which is time-consuming and also accuracy of data is compromised being based on manual procedures.

The best solution for measuring roads and highways!
The Multi Functional Vehicle – MFV (Laser Crack Scanners & Road Surface Profiler) are globally used and are not only time-saving but also efficient in providing accurate data.

The MFV is capable of automatically detecting and measuring the cracks, ruts, long profile, IRI, RN, macro texture of pavement and high-resolution 3D profiles of the road at survey speeds up to 90 Km/h with the help of laser line projectors and high-speed cameras.

The MFV combines the features of the Road Surface Profiler and the Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS) from Pavemetrics.

Unique “Stop and Go” functionality
The Stop and Go functionality on the Road Surface Profilers (RSP) measures at all traffic speeds, even at junctions, traffic lights, roundabouts, and short sections.
Pavement testing in cities can be carried out under normal circumstances, saving time and money.

Being able to perform a complete pavement condition inspection at full 1 mm resolution, in a single pass, automatically, day or night, at 100+ Km/h.

The MFV reduces labor costs and human errors
The MFV can dramatically reduce labor costs, human error in surveys and time to complete the tasks. By optimizing the process of evaluating roads in Pakistan, NHA can drastically reduce the time and expenses involved in the process. This would not only help NHA in saving valuable resources but also allow NHA to utilize the saved resources in other important areas.

The optimal way to safer roads!
By implementing the Multi Functional Vehicle (MFV) for pavement measurement initiatives as part of their Annual Maintenance Plan, NHA has been able to accurately assess road conditions, detect issues like cracks and ruts, and plan maintenance strategies effectively.

This has not only enhanced the efficiency of road maintenance operations but also helped to ensure safer roads for the public.

Additionally, the investment in regular maintenance and service of Dynatest equipment like the Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) has proven to extend the lifespan of the equipment and maintain the accuracy of data, further highlighting the commitment to road maintenance excellence in Pakistan.

Successful collaboration with Dynatest!

The relationship between NHA and Dynatest goes back almost 10 years.

In the year 2014, NHA procured a Heavy Weigh Deflectometer – HWD.

The Key to Extending the Lifespan of our Dynatest equipment and securing accurate data is an investment in regular service and calibration done by Dynatest.

Every year the Dynatest HWD measures about 14,000 KM road network of NHA as a requirement of the Annual Maintenance Plan.

The HWD is still operational and successfully providing non-destructive analysis of the existing carriageway to evaluate the residual strength along with deflection with Remaining Service Life (RSL) of roads.

Invest in service and increase lifespan for your equipment.

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