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Pärnu AirPort – HWD measurement of PCN value

Pavement Evaluation Pärnu Airport

Dynatest has been out on another exciting task, this time in Estonia and more specifically the beautiful city of Pärnu, which has begun to be built up as a scenic and active resort. The local former military airport in Pärnu will have an important function in the future in order to be able to receive tourists in an efficient and not least safe way. Therefore, AS Teede Tehnokeskus – Technical Center of Estonian Roads, had hired Dynatest to make the necessary measurements to evaluate the PCN value of the runway. The PCN value is a standard method in airports for assessing whether the runway can support the aircraft that have to land there.

For the task, Dynatest had brought a Dynatest 8082 Heavy Weight Deflectometer, which is ideal to be used to test on both rigid, paver block and flexible pavements on roads and airports. The HWD can apply a loading in the range of 30-320kN, enabling it to simulate vehicle loading from the most extreme aircraft wheel loads such as the Boeing 777, the Airbus 340, or 380.


AS Teede Tehnokeskus

AS Teede Tehnokeskus is a reputable road expertise and innovation center in the Baltics and the surrounding region. AS Teede Tehnokeskus providing engineering and technical services in the field of road infrastructure, whose mission is to create knowledge and new solutions in the development and management of road infrastructure. The company's turnover is € 3.5 million, and the number of employees is 53. In addition to Estonia, services are also provided in Latvia, Lithuania and Germany.

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