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Auckland Transport

Asset Management and Systems – Regional High Speed Data

Auckland Transport tenders this project to undertake data surveys under the AMS Professional Services Regional High Speed Data Collection Agreement including High Speed Data (HSD) and Falling Weight Deflectometer data (FWD data) collection across the Auckland Transport network every 3-5 years. The data is then processed and analyzed to provide insights into the structural and functional condition of the pavements of Auckland City Council. The information collected with the devices is Roughness, Rutting, Texture, Transverse Profile, GPS and Road Geometry (HSD) and the Full deflection bowl, Standard Deflection, Curvature and Structural Number (FWD). Dynatest has been undertaking the HSD part of the survey with their multifunctional vehicle (MFV) for the last 8 years including data quality assessment and analysis.

Approximately 9,000 lane km of the network have been evaluated every year which helps the client to keep track of the status of their road network and use the collected data for further forward work planning.

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